This shit's relevant to my interests. Also my life, sometimes. I'm a fanboy with the sensibilities of a fangirl. Also to be found here is slash, genderfuckery, lots of swearing, some creepy shit, and some political shit. I'm shit at tagging things, although I certainly make use of the tags for snarking. I reblog my art and stories from my artblogs, linked below, although I sometimes post it here by accident. (When I do reblog them, the tags are 'look i drew a thing' and 'look i wrote a thing' respectively.)

Fandoms include, but are certainly not limited to: Kingdom Hearts, Skyfall, the Slender Man mythos, Welcome to Night Vale, and NBC's Hannibal, though not in that order. Fun fact: I am always up for recommendations! If you know a horror movie, a fantasy/sci-fi novel, a band, whatever, you think I might dig, please let me know! Bonus points for a queer subplot, extra bonus points for no romantic subplot, negative points for a cis-het subplot (although I might check it out anyway).

Feel free to call me out if I do something offensive, I won't bite, promise. (I'll probably squeal in terror, apologise profusely, and promise to never do it again.) I try to watch myself, but sometimes I fuck up without realising it. If you catch me fucking up without realising it, please do let me know.




When I see people with such control over their bodies, I start feeling really kind of sad about every fail I’ve ever done through my own clumsiness: falling down the stairs, falling UP the stairs, dragging my feet and catching my toe and tripping, bumping into doors… UH ANYWAY THIS PERSON’S AMAZING. YES.