This shit's relevant to my interests. Also my life, sometimes. I'm a fanboy with the sensibilities of a fangirl. Also to be found here is slash, genderfuckery, lots of swearing, some creepy shit, and some political shit. I'm shit at tagging things, although I certainly make use of the tags for snarking. I reblog my art and stories from my artblogs, linked below, although I sometimes post it here by accident. (When I do reblog them, the tags are 'look i drew a thing' and 'look i wrote a thing' respectively.)

Fandoms include, but are certainly not limited to: Kingdom Hearts, Skyfall, the Slender Man mythos, Welcome to Night Vale, and NBC's Hannibal, though not in that order. Fun fact: I am always up for recommendations! If you know a horror movie, a fantasy/sci-fi novel, a band, whatever, you think I might dig, please let me know! Bonus points for a queer subplot, extra bonus points for no romantic subplot, negative points for a cis-het subplot (although I might check it out anyway).

Feel free to call me out if I do something offensive, I won't bite, promise. (I'll probably squeal in terror, apologise profusely, and promise to never do it again.) I try to watch myself, but sometimes I fuck up without realising it. If you catch me fucking up without realising it, please do let me know.








The Redwall otters will never sound the same in my head.

(Source: videohall)

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