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Happy 4th of July!


On this day 236 years ago, white people declared their independence from Great Britain because freedom is important, said the white people who held African slaves, and were murdering the Native Americans whose land they had stolen.

To celebrate this day, let us throw a big Tumblr party. A theme party! This year, the theme is—I thought it’d be appropriate….


Let’s go down the list!

Drones in the Middle East? Check.

Possible approval of drones in the Caribbean? Check.

Kidnapping Native American children and giving them up for adoption to white families in order to disconnect them from their heritage in the hopes that all Native culture will die out (all while other clueless crackers appropriate our shit and misrepresent us. Because crackers APPRECIATE us!)? Check.

Randomly assaulting Native Americans in attempts to murder them (usually done by the cops, but if other white folk join the party, the cops usually won’t stop them, so hey!) Check. Double check. Triple check!

Where the government allows white people to murder Black citizens with no consequence (How many of them have been given pay raises and vacations, rather than suspensions? I lost count)? Check. Oh, there’s a surplus of that! Double check!

Where the government bans us from learning about the parts of American history that don’t include white people because the shit they did was so bad that they’re afraid we’ll hate them afterwards. So instead, they just ban it, to keep themselves looking good, all while preaching about the importance of knowing our history? Check, check, and check!

Where anybody of East Asian descent is automatically suspected of being a terrorist, even though the majority of terrorist acts in America are domestic, and committed by white men? Check.

Where Latin@s are at risk of being deported. Even ones who are, according to the government, legal citizens. Even people who aren’t actually Latin@ at all, but just Latin@ in appearance, or have a Latin@ sounding name. BONUS FUNSIES! MOTHER FUCKING CHECK!

Am I forgetting anything?

OH! And while we’re here planning this shin dig, let us also remember to commemorate 9/11 on this day. Because out of all of the things that still affect us that America tells us to get over, this shall never be one of them because white people. :D

AMERIKA. Land of the free… unless your ancestors were here before white people, quote unquote, ~*”DISCOVERED”*~ this land.

AMERIKKA. Where everyone is born equal…. but not everyone is treated as such.

AMERIKKKA. Where everyone’s life has value and meaning! ….It’s just that white people’s have more, you know?